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RAMM, Our Company

RAMM is a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of equipment and machinery for handling and production of the agricultural sector, agricultural equipment for use in application of chemical inputs and agricultural tools.

Our commitment is to the growth and development of our employees, and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in the livestock sector, livestock and agricultural and abroad.

We become your best ally, placing on the market top quality products, presenting an excellent commercial and technical advice and renewing the technologies involved with internal and external processes. Our ultimate goal is to offer versatile products that ensure their welfare as a user, expand our production capacity and flexibility, to be pioneers in opening communication channels with customers, so we manage to meet their needs holistically.

In more than 15 countries, farmers use products ARMM. In return they receive maximum performance and excellent quality, making them easier to work with comfort and safety.

RAMM products are of China origin, made with the highest standards and best suppliers in each of the selected areas.
Each manufacturer is ISO 9001, and are in constant innovation and new product development in order to satisfy the most exacting demands of domestic and world markets.

The superior build quality that present our products in relation to their Chinese counterparts and due to certified companies, making each product that is marketed under the brand RAMM takes the support and end-user quality, reliable in performance and operation achieving the best cost / quality.

Company Profile


RAMM improves the competitiveness and productivity of the agricultural sector through the manufacture of machinery and equipment of high quality and durability in the lines of applicators, pumps, sprayers, gasoline and diesel engines, pumping equipment, among other instruments handling and care of livestock, agricultural equipment for use in application of chemical inputs and agricultural tools.


Our organization will have the client as its central axis and in this role will develop the actions necessary to attract, satisfy and keep them, achieving the highest levels of satisfaction, developing our core competencies and ultimately gaining their loyalty.

For RAMM, our main objective is to achieve meet the high needs that arise in the market, whether in agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Energy, Home Garden, among others, delivering quality products at competitive prices.